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A gift card for a friend or sister who loves everyhting eco friendly, linen and natural dye. This gift card can be used on the entire shop, and for an intro beginner class in botanical dye. If they usually wear women's linen dresses, and sustainable brands they will appreciate this gift card. 


If you want to offer the card specifically for an online natual dye class, we will ship all the materials needed for the class when we have set a date with your friend.

Classes start at 100€ for 2 classes of 1h via zoom. This class will allow a first intro and leaning to prepare your fabrics before dyeing. The second class will be more hands on, and we will learn to bundle dye your prepared fabrics, as well as dye evenly or tie dye more fabrics. 

We will use a variety of natural pigments, such as catechu, madder root and several dried flowers, such as Saint John's Wort. 

A class is available for 200€, which offers 3 classes of 1h, we will also send a premade scrunchie, bandana and more little surpises to dye together. 

eGift Card

25 €

You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own. There is no date limit for when to use this card. We will send you a PDF of the card...

25 €
50 €
75 €
100 €
150 €
200 €
250 €
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