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Our Lookbook

newfoundland and model on steps wearing cropped linen top and cutout pants


La Belle hélène

Named after designer Mary Madeleine's grandmother, La Belle Hélène is a collection of memories of the french countryside. Between growing up in Paris, and on her grandparent's farm near Lyon, A liaison in elegance and and practical farming clothing naturally occurred. While maintaining a clean silhouette and a timeless sentiment, the pieces in the collection embody a lightness and comfort required for every woman on the go. Each piece was curated to be versatile in both worlds: the city and nature. 

You will find that the names given to every item of clothing belong to important people that have influenced the designer's life. From Marie-France, her mother, to Alice, another motherly figure and role model.  The chosen colors for the collection are earthly and natural tones, such as sage green in memory for the olive tree in her parent's garden, to rusty grey like the boulders of the forest of Fontainebleau she walked on every weekend. 

The reason for starting her label, was to bring global awareness about the abuse the fashion and textile industry has inflicted on dear Mother Earth. La Belle Hélène is composed of only natural textiles that are produced from A to Z in Europe. Linen is the first choice of fabric you will find. A choice to remember that timeless textiles can age beautifully through the years and that through clothing can be passed on from generation to generation. 

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