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OLIVE + BLUE  is an independently owned label, based in France.  

Designed for the generous of heart whose intentions are of making an impact on climate change, the pollution of our waters, the extinction of bees and many species or even animal cruelty. This is a label that cares about the people that are involved in its making, from the studio, to the farmers that grow the flax, and pick the plants that were used to dye our fabrics. 

Our intentions are to inspire our present generations and the next about what is truly means to wear sustainable, ethical, fair trade and animal free pieces. 

All of our fabrics are linen or linen cotton blends that have been dyed by hand in our studio with organic flowers, roots, fuit, vegetables and leaves that have been harvested in France. 

OLIVE + BLUE offers timeless and elegant pieces, so that you can walk into the office or go on a road trip with friends, while feeling comfortable and put together. Every garment has been carefully designed by Mary Madeleine de Bellescize, a French/American artist who has worked and studied in Philadelphia US, London UK, Florence, IT and Cairo, EG. After years of studying people and understanding that women have trouble finding timeless, flattering pieces that have a low impact on the earth, she responded to the issue with OLIVE + BLUE. A label for the conscious shopper, where every piece is unique and made with love in France. 

The designer finds her inspiration, from her childhood, spent between the Luxembourg Gardens and her grand-parents farm near Lyon. A blend of Parisian elegance and memories of running in corduroy overalls chasing chickens. The earth and its energies speak a lot to Mary Madeleine which inspired her to create pieces that respect Mother Nature. This is shown first hand in the fabric choice, dyeing process, the embroideries and the label's philanthropy. 

Every purchase will contribute to a cause that holds dearly to our hearth. With bee population in rapid decline, we have decided to donate monthly in order to sponsor several bee hives. 

Our Manifesto


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What we do to reduce the risk of plastic in the ocean

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meet the designer and her team

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