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Organic Colors

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Every step is thoughtful at OLIVE + BLUE. We felt our sustainable and eco friendly journey would not be what

it is today, if we did not dye our own fabrics. 

Fabric dying around the world has had such a negative impact on the ecosystem due to harsh chemical dyes. OLIVE + BLUE could not feel responsible for that, therefore all of our linens are dyed in Paris and in the country side.  We grow some of the plants we use, or we recycle our food waste such as avocado skins and pits for the dying process. 

The beauty of this process on top of how much fun it is, creates a wonderful interaction between you and nature. Every dye bath we do, gives us new and different results because we cannot control nature and what it will give to us.  The element of surprise is what is so creative and amusing. 

Our pieces may vary in shade of a certain color, since we cannot have full control over a matter. You may notice certain parts that are uneven, but that  is the beauty of the garment. You are literally wearing nature’s surprise gift on you. 

 At the end, all the fruit, roots, leaves and skins used for their colors are put in our compost. A full sustainable and eco friendly cycle in the name of helping Mother Earth and teaching other's to be more responsible.

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