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Our Fabrics


OLIVE + BLUE is made to love and made to last, which means our fibers are vegan, cruelty free, require no pesticides and no harsh chemicals. 

OLIVE + BLUE is an ode to Mother Earth which calls for a respect for her resources she so kindly offers us. We love the raw form of linen because it is timeless and is the perfect fabric for our bodies and all weather. 

linen tea towel natural dye sustainable french country home mode eco responsable botanique

There is a misconception that linen should only be worn in the summer because it is airy and it’s aesthetic reminds us of the desert sun. However this is only an image we have been taught recently, as linen was worn for centuries through all seasons. We tend to switch to cotton shirts as it gets colder, but we pair them with a sweater on top usually. So why not do the same with our linens ? Linen can be woven thin and light, or thick and heavy. It’s up to us to choose which one is appropriate per season. 

We chose to only work with 100% pure european linen fibers because it requires very little water to grow compared to other textile industries. On top of that there is no need for pesticides which mother earth greatly appreciates. Linen is the most biodegradable and recyclable. There is also no stretch, therefore your fabric will hold its shape longer and is more durable than cotton. For those who have sensitive skin, lucky for you linen is hypoallergenic. Because it is a breathable fabric which regulates your body temperature through every season, it allows the moisture to escape, rather than build up like many other fabrics, you won’t be creating the perfect ecosystem for bacteria to grow. 


How to care for your fabrics in a sustainable and earth loving way ? Linen is so easy to care for as it lasts forever. All you have to do is to keep the temperature down between cold and 30 degrees celsius. We wash our clothes way too often, instead we should be letting them air out. So we encourage you to wash as needed. Opt for Earth friendly detergents, than the traditional store bought ones. There are many alternatives such as soap nuts which we have been using for years and work wonders. Dry your clothes outside in the shade, rather than direct sunlight so as to not damage the color of your garments. 

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