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A Chance to Win French Honey

You may be wondering why the heck a sustainable natural dyeing label is offering up free honey, and why OLIVE + BLUE is written on every pot.

OLIVE + BLUE is so proud to partner up with Un Toît Pour Les Abeilles, which means "A roof for the Bees". Every purchase you make through our shop helps to repopulate and save the bees here in France.

How it works is that we get to choose a from a piece of land where their program is based, anywhere in France, and pick one bee hive. We become in some sorts the godparents and sponsors of that hive. At the end of the year we receive the honey from that bee hive.

The association Un Toît Pour Les Abeilles also allows us so sponsor a certain square meter of land to help pollinate the area, pay the farmers or their work and give a new home for bees to buzz in.

So when we received our first pots of honey, we were amazed at the quantity, but also so excited to share it with you guys, cause let's be real : 1. There is no way we could eat all that ourselves. 2. It's thanks to you and your orders that we are able to benefit from this program.

So how can YOU get some delicious French honey ?

The first 10 people to place an order over 50 EUR will receive a pot with their order !

That could be a bucket hat, A Bundle of scrunchies and a bandana, a couple tea towels to spruce up your kitchen... The combinations are full of possibilities.

Go Ahead, click on an image

All of our pieces are naturally dyed and made in our new Atelier in the mountains of France, on the border of Switzerland. We love our new space and are slowly getting to know the community around us.

Did you know what the benefits of honey are ?

  • A good source of antioxidants

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • Heal wounds

  • Phytonutrient powerhouse

  • Help for digestive issues

  • Soothe a sore throat

I personally love it in my tea especially during the winter time. And there is nothing like honey on toasted baguette in the morning. I'm sure all my frenchies will agree!

We received a natural honey but also a LAVENDER honey which we are so fond of. So if you are interested, check out our website now !

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