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How to style our sustainable clothing collection in Fall 2022

Need some style inspiration for fall 2022 outfits ? From using one pieces of our eco friendly neldy fashion line per outfit, we will show you how we would style them.

First let's chose 6 items of clothing

Second, let's style each one! Staring with the socks.

The Wool Socks

The naturally dyed wool socks are perfect for that ganola hiking girl vibe. If you aren't afraid of wearing these with sandals after a day of hiking these can be styled like so:

The Sophie Linen Blouse

The Sophie blouse is made of the softest linen. It is elegant, sustainable and made in France. We would style it like so:

The Marie France Wrap Dress

This linen wrap dress is versatile and can be dyed in many colors. It's timeless and elegant so naturally we would style it that way.

The Garance dress

The naturally dyed blue dress is super cute, but those shoulders sure can get chilly in the fall, so we will cover them up with a lovely Hope Makaulay sweater.

The Odile Wool cardigan

This cruelty free wool sweater is super cute and inspired by 70s crochet patternets. We would style it in a very casual care free, weekend at the beach vibe.

The Naturally Dyed puffer Jacket

The linen puffer jacket is dyed naturally and is warm but not too warm for the fall. It's super fun and unique so it's perfect with a very simple outfit.Here is how we would style it:

Let us know what you think and how you would style our designs !

Most designs featured are from MODA OPERANDI


Mary and the OLIVE + BLUE team

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