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Eco Friendly Gifts - Secret Santa Edition

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We created a list for every friend type you may gave and what to get them as a sustainable and eco friendly gift. Show your friend you really know them. Secret Santa is so much fun but you have to put a lot of thought into the gift since it's only one person your are getting a gift for. So make it count !


Does anyone else buy books because of the cover ? I am guilty at times and you must have a friend who is like that too haha Check out these gorgeous books.

KINFOLK, the Garden for 32€; Into the Forest for 11€; TINY HOUSE, live small, dream big for 16€; SEED magazine for 16€;

I have been loving chess sets these days and having a gorgeous one on your table definitely adds and elevated look. Check out this one on ETSY.

Adding a couple of candles on your coffee table is just the right touch of cozy. We love these handmade in France candles with the gorgeous botanical prints on them. By APOTHICAIRE, these candles have a great reputation in France.


Made in Lithuania, the Linen Couture bedding sets are pretty affordable. As you know I LOVE linen and I am dreaming to get these one day.

Throws are the best accessory for your bed. Keeping you extra cozy at night by adding the right touch of texture and color for you. The KLIPPAN throw is made of 100% lambswool and it's only 78€

The pink stonewashed linen sheets are a dream to sleep in. And that color !

FOR THAT FRIEND THAT LOVES CERAMICS - support small artisans

CURIOUS CLAY makes the cutest things and their stuff is perfect for gifting. However not everyone would pay 69€ for a mug but how beautiful are they !!?

The art of fixing what is broken is used in ceramics and the art is called Kintsugi, originally of Japan. You can get your friend a Kintsugi kit so she can add gold into the cracks of her broken dishes.

We love this blue and white bowl and it is on Etsy right now for 17€

The two mugs are from Etsy as well and are selling for 30€

The Daisy bowls are on Etsy for 45€

The vases are beautiful and cost 25€


Snow Peak has amazing stainless steel products that will last for a lifetime. This stainless vacuum bottle will keep your drink warm for 6 hours.

Hay has really cute and modern wine glasses which will be loved and displayed in your friend's kitchen.

I am also loving these HASAMI PORCELAIN black plates that have a very minimalist cabin vibe to them. Check out their bowl here.

The big white bowls are on Etsy and have that rustic farm house vibe that we love. Handmade in France!

Stop with the plastic shopping bags and always leave the house with your french straw bag. The XL bag is under 50€


Realm Designs has the most colorful crochet pieces a girl could dream of. Handmade by Beth in the UK, you have to order in advance as they are made to order with a wait time of 1-4 weeks. We love the little purses at only 40£

Psychic Outlaw creates beautiful quilt pieces, from XL collars, cowboy boot stockings, clothing etc. The collar is only 40$

Salté has the most fun 70s inspired bathing suits made from recycled fibers. Try this colorful floral one that is on sale for only 69$.

The tiger lilly vase by BONNIE and NEIL is 145$ and is the perfect piece to have in any room of your house to add an extra pop of color.

The JOURNEY OF SOMETHING puzzle is the perfect weekend activity when you are snowed in the year. It is 35$.

The linen tea towels are by us OLIVE + BLUE. They were naturally dyed with many different flowers. Perfect for that friend that has a quirky home.

FOR THAT FRIEND THAT IS A WITCH - herbs, spells and tinctures

I can't say enough good things about ANIMA MUNDI as they create naturally healing products that will nourish you and your soul. There is something for everyone. Their happiness powder will be a feel good gift for that friend whose spirit is affected by the winter season. The Black Elderberry Elixir will be great for that frined who seems to catch everything during the winter.

For your friend that just loves healing their body with natural products, have them try the AMONG THE FLOWERS SEA SALT SCRUB. Whipped salt, coconut oil and castile soap scrub infused with essential oils.

Calling all Match tea lovers, it important to recognise the culture from which it came from, so when shopping for a matcha whisk set, try to support Japanese businesses. This whisk was made in Japan by master artisans. Available here for 70 EUR.

I Love Anna's HERBALIST UPRISING work with plant extracts. Her Tummy Love extract is like Hugs and kisses for your digestive system. This blend combines organic ginger and orange peel with mint from Anna's garden, all extracted in vegetable glycerin. This blend has been blessed up with love and energy!

FOR THAT FRIEND THAT LIVES IN LOUNGEWEAR - naturally dyed underwear and bamboo outfits

INDIGO LUNA make super comfortable naturally dyed loungewear, bras and underwear. Made in Bali, these pieces are a great gift for that friend that lives for comfortable underwear and loves yoga. The bra is 38$ and the pants are 63$!

The striped blue PJ's are made from organic cotton are they definitely have that classic french vibe to them. We absolutely love them.

HARA the LABEL is based in Australia and makes the most comfortable sets that have also been naturally dyed on lyocell Bamboo fabric. I own several sets in different colors and wear them every weekend to chill in. The Highwaist thong is 38$ and the pants are 80$.

LE BON SHOPPE has the adorable soft Cloud Socks that you never want to take off.

Or You could try MICHELLE MOORE's naturally dyed socks that are super cute!

FOR THAT FRIEND THAT ALWAYS WEARS A HAT - sustainable hand made in France hats

Hats are kind of our thing, so we would love to make some bucket hats for your friend this christmas. We even have the organic cotton wool hat that has been a favorite every season.


OAKIE THE LABEL makes sustainable clothing in Australia. For that easy natural look they use only raw fabrics such as hemp and linen. These overalls look super comfortable and would be a great gift for that friend that lives for comfort and sustainability all in one.

OLIVE + BLUE (My own label) has several pieces under 100€ which are also perfect for gifting. The Alice Tank top is made of organic cotton, and has a built in bra so that your friend can feel supported all while being comfortable.

YOKO WOOL has the comfortable slippers we all need this year. The Siberian Wool slippers are made from ethically sourced wool.

This men's shirt by HOPAAL is made from recycled cotton and would be a great gift for any man. They have different colors. For 120€

The pink hat is made from recycled Merino Wool and is from COLORFUL STANDARD.

The pink linen bandana is from us and it comes with frayed edges and emroidered all around.



SOMEWHERE BETWEEN ART is a website that is full of beautiful creations by a gorgeous lady in the US. Her kind soul make you want to be friends with her. Check out her Macrame plant holders here.

You could get your friend a plant like these snake plants called Sansevieria. They purify the air really well and are super easy to keep alive.

A beautiful watering can is also an accessory to your friend's home. So how a bout a coper watering can ? This one is 70€ and is just stunning.


MURRAY AND FINN is the absolute cutest shop that makes sustainable toys and items for your little ones. We love the little Foodie Feeder pacifier, and the natural baby toothbrushes.

Their Roll on is meant for future mamas dealing with morning sickness. THE CLE COLLECTIVE MORNING ROLLER BLEND is a great solution. They have many other types of roller blends as well.


I have been using WESTBARN.CO for years. I love this brand for their soap brows with their bamboo brushes. For a clean look, brushing your eyebrows is the way to go. This tinted version is just the cherry on top.

For minimalist jewelry, check out Bertille Blondon, based in Paris, she handmakes beautiful pieces at affordable prices. Her earrings are 89€ and the ring is 69€.

For healthy plump lips with a natural tint try the EVEN KEEL Lip and Skin Salve. Made with healing ingredients. You can also try the POPPY & POUT LEMON BLOOM LIP BALM which I will be getting for myself soon because that sounds like a summer cloud on my lips.

For plastic free makeup, check out NUDI. Their raven mascara is just one of the many amazing things they make.

The jewelrey that can be worn everyday and is ethically made. We have chosen the classic pearl earring, made of recycled silver for 68€ . The elegant recycled gold hoop is a little more expensive for 150€ compared the the ear cuff that is 79€

We would love for you to share this article with your secret Santa groups. Make this year a little more green.


Mary Madeleine

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