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Easy and Useful Sewing Patterns For Beginners - Sustainable Sewing

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Ultimate list to sewing patterns you will love to use for easy DIY at home projects. If you use old fabric you naturally dye that's even better and sustainable. See our guide to our favourite patterns. Your guide for pretty patterns you will actually use and wear !

Are you looking for a sustainable way to repurpose old clothes you don't wear, are broken or you maybe have scraps of fabric you don't know what to do with? These easy sewing patterns are perfect for just that ! If you love natural dye, ladies linen dresses, eco friendly shopping make sure to check out our other posts.

Scrunchies Pattern in 3 sizes

you need something to do with all your fabric scraps and scrunchies are the perfect scrap buster, the great thing is you can use just about any fabric! We have 3 sizes for you Jumbo, Medium and Mini! Find the Pattern here :

Eye Mask Pattern

There’s something so indulgent about slipping on an eye mask to help you get enough beauty sleep during light Summer nights… particularly when it matches your frillies! We’re sharing the pattern with you for free so you can make one too. Yay! This is a lovely speedy make, and a perfect project for using up leftover fabric. Ooh and it makes a great gift!

Find the pattern here :

Pocket Front Wrap Skirt Pattern

We all love a wrap skirt and what better than using fabric scraps from an old sheet of a larger skirt to make this ? It's sustainable and eco friendly to reduce-reuse and recycle :)

Find the pattern here :

Front Tie Top Pattern

I Love this top ! So gorgeous and easy to make. You can buy the pattern but by following the video tutorial you can figure it our accordingly. Find the pattern here :

Drawstring bag Free Pattern

I have so many of these as they are great for shopping in the organic bulk section, or keeping your intimates separate when traveling etc. They are also lovely for gift giving, instead of buying wrapping paper. Find the pattern here:

Crossover Apron Pattern Free

These are great and if you make yours with linen you know you are going to love it and it will last forever. Also wonderful for gift giving to a mom or friend.

Here is the pattern :

That's it! I hope you liked our curated list of lovely free patterns you can use at home. Have fun and try to recycle as much fabric as you can that is laying around.

Peace ✌️ ☮

Mary Madeleine

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