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We have been blessed with a new year and the occasion to celebrate and pray for change during these trying times.

For as long as I can remember, the question of the year was "What are your new year's resolutions?" and it was always the same answers: go to the gym more, eat less, meditate more, be more organised, practice yoga daily... And after three months, slowly I would completely forget what change I had promised myself! Rather than create resolutions that celebrate us, when tend to find ones that shame how we are and force a radical change which is so unhealthy!

That's why this year, I have a healthy challenge for you AND Mother Nature! A resolution that can go as slow as you need it to, but that could change your life forever if you do it with intention and gratitude.

Below you will find a lost of green habits you can choose from. You can choose as many as you want, but you should pick at least one that seems realistic and achievable for you!

Write down on a nice piece of paper your new intentions and resolutions for 2021. Take your time decorating you paper, writing with a clear mind the change you wish for yourself. (You can find a lot of online resources for intention manifestation online). Once you have finished your list, place the page where you will see it often so that you have a reminder of your realistic resolutions and intentions. Go back to it as often as you can (at least once a week), and let your mind slowly absorbe the change that needs to happen in your life!

Above is my list for 2021 ! I can't wait to start applying these small changes in my life ! Show us yours with the #greenresolutions on Instagram.


For tips on creating a Manifestation list we suggest checking these articles out by The Balanced Blond.

Here is the link:

Her most recent post also adds added value to her previous one:


We Wish you are very successful 2021 !

With Love,

Mary Madeleine

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