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Running Through January and February, by entering the contest on the pop up from our website or through the Contest page, you can enter the raffle to win a natural dye kit sent to your home.

The Natural Dye Kit included a white linen scrunchie and a bandana that were pre-mordanted, and a selection of plants and pigments, along with printed out instructions.

Through the technique of eco-printing you can obtain patterns similar to those in the photo above. I was eco-printing on a linen dress for a customer.

The linen scrunchies are so great to keep your hair from being damaged and they are easy to remove. Their elastic is 100% natural which is a great alternative to the ones found in in fast fashion.

Or if you prefer you can soak certain pigments or plants in boiling water and create a bath dye which can result in gorgeous colors like these.

If you want to learn more about natural dyeing, you can take a look at our online 1 on 1 class right here !

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