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The naturally dyed linen tea towels  are made by OLIVE + BLUE


These tea towels are designed in Paris and handmade and dyed in our Atelier in the mountains of France.

We use sustainable and eco friendly linen that is highly absorbant, to be beautiful and useful in the kitchen. Linen is a long lasting, breathable and hypoallergenic fabric that has been used for centuries.  The dye we make comes from organic plants we either grow, or buy from sustainable shops in Europe. 


Every napkin/tea towel is unique, as the dip and dye process varies during the making. We make these to last, so every color we make, goes through a wash and dry in the sun test, to ensure its durability. The fabric is prepared with a mordant so that the color stays on. A general rule, is to avoid leaving any clothing in the sun as its color will fade, same goes with these.   We recommend hand washing these in cold to warm water, and drying them in the shade. 


You can choose two colors that will be on opposing sides of the tea towel, in the options. 


There is a loop handle on each towel , so that you can easily hang it in your kitchen.


4 Fun Tea Towel - Flower print Natural Dye

83,00 €Price
VAT Included
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