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A year around favorite. The gardener dress as we like to call it. Made with a thicker linen that will last through the times and wears.


Carefully designed with pockets deep enough to store what you might need on hand while out working in your garden, or working in the city.

The straps can be with ties that sit right at the top of your shoulders, or a single strap that you button at the back of the dress. Let us know your preference.


The fit is made to run a little loose so as to easily wear a sweater underneath. 


Mary Frances is wearing a size L but ususally wears an M or L. 


The dress is naturally dyed so do expect variations from the pictures as it's impossible to have full control over a plant's pigments. 

Babette Gardener Dress

PriceFrom 215,00 €
VAT Included
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