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                    The garance of the dyers is a perennial plant of the Rubiac family that was widely cultivated for the red dye extracted from its roots. Used for centuries and in many parts of the world, as a dye but also as a medicinal plant.

In northern Africa, the garance of dyers is highly prized by women as a purgative, after childbirth and prescribed against anemia and all blood diseases. it is also known as an aphrodisiac.

The garance has many beneficial effects, but you have to take care to use it sparingly.

Indeed, the reason why the Garance is also called "Red dyers" is because it has a coloring component known as "alizarine". It is a potential health-damaging factor and must be well controlled. The use of this plant must certainly be taken with great care and especially follow the dosages prescribed during the different uses of the plant.

Sold in bulk in a kraft bag with zip. The choice of our packaging is based on a CSR approach, recyclable and reusable packaging to minimize the impact on the environment.

several possible packagings:

garance - Madder roots

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