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Materials: Lac extract

Lac extract gives brilliant red, crimson, purple and burgundy shades. It is well known all around the world and the color it gives is lightfast and wash fast.

Dye production:

Lac extract is made from scale insect Kerria lacca (sin. Lacciferia lacca) which can be found (and are cultivated) in India, Nepal, China, and other countries. Large groups of female insects occupy host trees and create a resin that covers all colony. When the time comes for harvesting, the resin is taken off trees and it is called stick lac. From this stick lac both lac dye and lac dye extract can be made.


- Little amount of extract can dye a lot - use 5-10 % WOF
- Dissolve the powder in a small amount of warm water and add to your dye pot.
- For best results use pre-mordanted fibers. Add fibers to the dye solution and simmer for 30-60 minutes depending on the shade you want. Leave to cool.
- Lac reacts beautifully with different pH, so for a wider color palette experiment with additional citric acid, cream of tartar, soda ash or chalk.
- To widen your palette even more experiment with additional mordants - iron sulfate or various tannins.

Lac Extract For Bright Red, Burgundy, Crimson Colors

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