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Materials: french marigold, dyers chamomilla, goldenrod, yellow onion skins, red onion skins, madder roots, reseda luteola, walnut hulls, red henna

  🌿Handpicked in my garden and meadows located in Northern Europe (except henna and madder).
Well dried raw dye plants for natural fibers - wool, silk, linen, cotton, bamboo, etc.
Should be used with mordant. Different mordants produce different shades of yellow, orange, and olive.

Our selection of raw plants includes:
🌼 French Marigold (Tagetes Patula or dyers marigold) produces vibrant yellows, greenish-yellows, or oranges. Use 20-30% WOF.
🌼 Dyer's Chamomilla (Anthemis Tinctoria) produces strong warm yellows and mixed with madder - tangerine shades. Use at 50-100% WOF.
🌼 Goldenrod (Solidago spp) produces primrose yellows and olive shades (with iron). Use at 10-30% WOF.
🌼 Yellow onion skins (Allium cepa) produces golden orange to soft brown shades and olive (with iron). Use at 20-30% WOF.
🌼 Red onion skins (Allium cepa) produces greenish to maroon shade. Use at 20-30% WOF.
🌼 Madder roots grounded (Rubia tinctoria) produces orange to red shades. Use 30-100% WOF.
🌼 Reseda luteola or weld (reseda luteola, Mignonette ) produces intense canary yellows. Use 20-30% WOF.
🌼 Walnut hulls (nucum juglandis) produce beiges, browns, and gray & black shades with iron. Mixed with madder produces mahoganies. Use 30-50% WOF.
🌼 Red henna (Lawsonia inermis) produces red-oranges and greenish shades. Use 20-50% WOF.
🌼 Birch leaves produce yellow to olive shades. Use 10-30% WOF.

📌Sold by weight, please look at variations!
50g=1.76oz; 100g=3.53 oz; 200g=7.05oz.
Please note, that these are naturally air-dried flowers and plants, there may be some variations of color and shape.

Add the dried flowers to the dye pot, cover with boiling water leave for the night. Next day simmer (do not boil) for half an hour to extract the color.
Strain the dye liquid and add to the dye pot. Add mordanted fabric and simmer (do not BOIL!) until the desired shade is achieved (from 30 to 90 minutes). With the addition of iron water warm shades of olives can be produced.

Plant dyes. Dyers marigold. Dyers chamomilla. Goldenrod. Onion skins. Henna. Ma

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